How to Give to St Luke's

There are many ways that you can give to support the work of St Lukes, all of which are gratefully received.

  • Weekly Envelopes
    Some people use weekly envelopes. These are uniquely numbered for each giver and issued in a box with one for each week of the year. Each week the giver puts in cash or a cheque for the amount they have agreed to give, and brings it to one of the weekly services. The envelopes are collected as part of the service, with all the giving being blessed as is received. Our Planned Giving team then opens the envelope and records the contents before paying the money into our bank. People using weekly envelopes who are not at church on a given Sunday, maybe because they are away on holiday, typically either bring the filled envelopes for the "missing weeks" with them when they next come to church, or put them empty inside the envelope for the week they are attending together with their total donation for the relevant weeks.

  • Standing Order
    With the increasing popularity of card payments, many people nowadays do not carry much cash. Hence for example finding a £10.00 or £20.00 note to put in a weekly envelope on a Sunday morning (or more if it covers more weeks) often proves difficult. Consequently a significant proportion of our income is now received by Standing Order, which is where the giver instructs his or her bank to make a payment directly to our bank account on a regular basis. Some banks call this a Regular Payment authority. The advantage is that you don't have to remember to bring an envelope each week, and if you are away on holiday then your giving to the church does not get forgotten. Most Standing Orders are on a monthly basis since this suits those receiving monthly income, but some people make quarterly or annual payments instead. People giving this way may like to collect a yellow "My Giving is Made Direct From My Bank" card before the service to put in the collection plate.

  • Direct Credit via Electronic Banking
    A few Planned Givers have now set us up as a payee within their internet banking software, and make direct payments into our account. Click here for our account details

  • Cheques
    Some Planned Givers give by means of a cheque, made payable to "St Luke's PCC", either annually or more regularly during the year.


If you are not a Planned Giver, please would you consider becoming one?

Click here for a form to register your interest in making a Planned Giving pledge (pdf file)

Click here for the Gift Aid Declaration form (pdf file)

Please return completed forms to:

Richard Burdett
PCC Treasurer
30 Mallow Park