Reordering Project

Reordering Project - Overall Plan
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After six years of discussion and debate a faculty has been granted for some re-ordering work to the church building in order to make it even more flexible for worship, more attractive for community use and to enable greater efficiency in our administration and community support.

Click the image on the right to view the overall plan of the project from our architects, Acanthus Clews.

The works comprise a number of essential projects costing around £170,000 in the first instance and will:

Although we could fund this from reserves, we are keen to retain some reserves which support our day to day running and so we are seeking to raise grants and gifts for half of the amount. This will also enable us, once this project is complete, to glaze in the Chapel to allow independent use, and install a lift to allow access for all to it.

Update 17 September 2017
The plaster work is almost complete in the former PC area and the rooms look very like rooms in their own right, they are taking shape well.

The woodwork will be done next week and very soon the builders will start on the back of church.

Reordering 12Reordering 15Reordering 14

Reordering 13

Update 10 September 2017
Work seems to have progressed a little more slowly this week but remains on schedule.

Further first fit electrical work has been completed.

The framing of all rooms and cupboards has now been completed with the door into the vestry being moved to the window side to accommodate the robes cupboard.

The boarding out of the vestry has been completed and the location of plug sockets agreed so that these can be installed. It is hoped that the plastering of this area will commence next week.

A site visit was carried out with the Architect on Thursday.

Reordering 8Reordering 9Reordering 10Reordering 11

Update 3 September 2017
The work continues to progress on schedule, the demolition work has now been completed and all the framing for the new vestry, office and toilets is complete. It has also been installed for the extension to the kitchen, wardrobe for robes and music storage.

The first fit of the electrics has also been carried out.

When a site visit was carried out on Friday the builders were starting to fit the plasterboard to the frame work.

Reordering 4Reordering 5Reordering 6Reordering 7

Update 24 August 2017
Adams and Wade our builders commenced work on Monday 21st August on the conversion of the Parish Centre into the new office and vestry area.

Once the doors leading out of the area had been sealed to prevent dust, the initial phase was the removal of the ceiling and walls. This was accomplished over the first few days and by Thursday the timber framing for the new office and vestry were being installed. See photographs below.

The work continues on schedule.

Reordering 1 Reordering 2 Reordering 3

Update 18 August 2017
Click here for the information leaflet about the project (PDF file)

Update 6th August 2017
The Parish Centre has been packed up but will be used but will be used for coffee for the next two weeks. Once work starts the trolley will ‘live’ in the office with kettles, tea, coffee etc for everyday use. If you have any possessions in the PC that you have not yet collected please do so now – or you won’t see them for a few months!
A reminder to return tower door keys to Dave Sopp please and thanks to those who have already done so.
A disabled compliant portaloo with baby changing will be hired from early September. A reminder that parking will be very limited in the church grounds.
If anyone has questions do speak to Sally or Emma Shenton, or use the sheet by the office.

Louis Baylis TrustUpdate July 2017
We have received a grant of £1,500 towards the project from the Louis Baylis Charitable Trust, for which we are most grateful. For more information about the trust please see

Update June 2017
We are moving now towards the start of the work for which we have a faculty. We are delighted to be using very local contractors, Adams and Wade, based in St. Luke’s road.

The project Manager (Emma Shenton), Day to Day Manager (Ralph Hinchliffe), a Churchwarden (Dave Sopp) and Vicar have met with the Architect and Project Leader from Adams and Wade for the pre-contract meeting. This was very useful and discussed both overarching and day to day issues. The Letter of Intent has been sent and we hope that work will start soon.

It is anticipated that the work will commence with the conversion of the current Parish Centre and then move to the back of church. Once work commences all tower keys will be recalled and the area beyond the tower door will be sealed off until the work is complete. We will decorate that new office / vestry areas ourselves and will need a small team of painters ready to go when the time is right.

A small team will clear the kitchen area and other areas as relevant in time for the start of the works.

All those who hire the Parish Centre have been notified that the last day of letting will be 31st July.

The new Re-Ordering Committee of the PCC has met once and meets again soon. The Funding committee has met twice and also meets again soon. Minutes of both meetings are available to view on the board by the office and have been sent to all PCC members by email.

The Funding group has already sent out some letters inviting funding from local businesses and is working with Nicola Davidson of Our Community Enterprise to develop bids to a variety of sources. She is helping group members to produce appropriate materials and publicity.

At a meeting on 17th June, the PCC voted unanimously not to install the chandelier heating at the west end of church for the first year and instead to heat the church fully for meetings etc there. This was on the advice that it is likely to be much more cost effective. The decision will be reviewed next year. There will soon be a summary breakdown of the cost of the whole project by areas.


Day to day impact:

Watch the pew sheet and board(s) at the back of church for updates.

There are bound to be other questions that you have. If you would like to write these on the sheet by the boards we will hope to give answers as quickly as possible in the pew sheet.

The Revd. Sally Lynch